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"Gault's Lois is both endearing and sexy with an amazing voice and vocal range."

-Ashland Daily Tidings

"Lois (Heather Gault) polishes up the group's vocal chops, but things get complicated when all four boys fall in love with her, along with every man in the audience."

- Mail Tribune

"Heather. . .[does] excellent double duty in numerous but less-than-large roles. As it has been stated for decades, there are no small parts in the theater and [she] prove[s] the point..."

-The Hartford Examiner

I'm a left-handed goofball who loves cats and frogs, so in another time folks might have mistaken me for a witch.

...That used to be the first line of my online dating profile, but somehow it seems fitting to leave it here. After all, odds are good if you're here you're looking to learn a little more about me. Plus, my parents worked hard to make childhood me feel proud of being left-handed, and frogs don't get enough credit for being nature's watchdog animals. (I'm including the word "cats" to boost search engine rankings. Now it's here twice. Oooh.)

The most important thing about me? I love words.

I love saying them, I love singing them, I love reading them, and I love hearing them. The thing I find the most interesting about words are the people who express them: exploring why we say and do the things we say and do, and how our emotions guide those decisions. That's why I became an actor--because to me, there is nothing more wonderful, more complicated, more exciting or more intriguing than the innerworkings of the human mind. 

I've been very fortunate in my career thus far to have enjoyed a variety of employment and roles. Growing up I rigorously pursued ballet, and was fortunate to have an early professional career under many wonderful choreographers and teachers including Kirk Peterson, Pierre Lacotte, Maria Caligari, Franco De Vita and Raymond Lukens. Ballet, of course, is an art form that transcends words, and I think ultimately this early training helped me realize that every now and then I need to make a little noise.

So I joined the theatre! And it's brought me all over the country and the world. From singing background for Susan Boyle in Scotland, earning my bachelor's degree in California (fight on!), dancing in a Bollywood blockbuster, and even filming a musical movie in Germany that premiered right here in my hometown of New York City, I've been able to study and work with fellow artists on what to me has been the greatest journey I could have asked for--the journey of exploring what makes us connect.

And it's still going. You might even be on this site because you're thinking of hiring me next. (Smart move.) Where will we go together, this time? 

"Heather Gault as Grace Farrell also impressed. . . She looked the part perfectly as Oliver Warbuck's personal assistant becoming ally and confidant to the young Annie while maintaining posture and presence in both the orphanage and beside Mr. Warbucks. She had a knack for delivering her lines in such a way that perfectly communicated underlying meanings. . . " 

-Applause, Applause